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Ingrid Norrish



Ingrid making a presentation

Presentations & Workshops

Coupled with her extensive marketing knowledge from the business world and her own personal insights and experience in running her own business, Ingrid brings a fresh and honest perspective to the table.

On the topic of marketing, she presents what she has learned not only from her own personal experience, but based on feedback from successful business owners and other experts.

In the topic area of personal development, Ingrid reinforces the message of the "power of a positive attitude" and "how to take control", two important elements that have turned her life around.

Ingrid is an enthusiastic presenter who "speaks from the heart" as she shares information to enhance the professional and personal lives of others.

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Marketing Sessions:
Promotional Strategies to "Kick-Start" Your Business
Marketing: The Foundation of a Successful Business
Marketing Tips to Leverage Your Speaking Business
Marketing Yourself with Enthusiasm
Networking - A Powerful Personal Marketing Tool
10 Tips to Marketing Success

Personal Development:
Taking Control of Your Life
Putting Your Best "Self" Forward




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Promotional Strategies to "Kick-Start" Your Business (2.5 hour workshop)

This practical workshop helps participants to focus on promotional tools and strategies they can use immediately to get their business off to a successful start. The workshop offers practical, affordable, creative and unique approaches that work! Learn from her experiences and that of other successful business owners.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Explore what strategic alliances are, how to nurture them, and how these alliances help build business;
  • Discover components of creating a company image, how this relates to your target market and the "branding" strategies used by larger companies;
  • Review the "power of networking" as a successful promotional tool. Find out how, where and the value of networking;
  • Learn how brochures, flyers, sales letters can make an impact;
  • Discover unique and creative advertising techniques;
  • Share your expertise with others and build your credibility in the marketplace through writing articles and doing presentations to promote your company;
  • Take away numerous ideas on how to promote your business, especially in the early stages of development.


Marketing: The Foundation of a Successful Business (2.5 hour)

Marketing is the key foundation and what drives your business success. This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of what marketing is, the primary functions of marketing, utilizing industry and market trends to your advantage, focusing your target market and how to analyze your competition. This session will assist participants in developing the "marketing aspect" of their business plan or direction.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand what marketing is and the similarities and differences between marketing a product versus a service;
  • Review the primary functions of market planning related to determining the needs and desires of potential clients and how an effective marketing strategy can support these needs;
  • Review what components make up the "marketing mix" including external influences that can impact your business;
  • Explore the 4 P's of Marketing (product, price, place and promotion) and understand how these variables can better service the needs of your particular target market;
  • Review marketing and industry trends and how they relate to specific businesses;
  • Learn how to do a competitive analysis and where to get that information;


Marketing Tips to Leverage Your Speaking Business

Discover the inside scoop on the “do’s” and don’ts” for attracting meeting planners to utilize your services. Learn how to promote yourself more effectively to get results and the significance of building relationships to “get in the door” to build new and repeat business.


Marketing Yourself with Enthusiasm (45 min - 1 hour)

Whether you are marketing yourself, your ideas or your business to clients, self promotion is a crucial skill in managing your career and business opportunities. Using the word enthusiasm as a basis, this session will provide you with important tips on how to market yourself for effective job search, personal growth or business opportunities.


Networking - A Powerful Personal Marketing Tool (1.5 - 2.5 hour)

Networking is one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal and a key to your business growth. People do business with and refer people they know and trust, so networking opens the doors for new business opportunities. This workshop answers the who, what, where, why and how of networking and provides you with the tools to make your networking experience an immediate success.

Workshops Objectives:

  • Explore the concept and power of networking for small business;
  • Discover the value of networking and how to build your contact network;
  • Learn how to network more effectively even for people who feel uncomfortable;
  • Prepare a brief business summary or 30 second infomercial that stands out;
  • Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of your network and ways to maintain it;


10 Tips to Marketing Success (45 min - 1 hour)

We all have the ability to be successful with our business marketing initiatives, but many people feel uncomfortable in this area. The first step is to start thinking like a marketing expert. Discover ten ways you can enhance your marketing success, build relationships and trust, W-O-W your clients and grow your repeat and referral business. This fun and enlightening session will show you how.


Taking Control of Your Life (1 - 1.5 hour)

With numerous demands on your time, individuals often find they are stretched to their limit. There isn't the time to reflect on your life and determine if you are meeting your own personal or professional goals. This session will discuss the seven ingredients of success; allow you to self-assess your status in six key areas of your life, and provide an action plan to set goals in areas you want to improve. Through developing a positive mental attitude and focusing on your desires, you can start planning your ideal life now!


Putting Your Best "Self" Forward (2.5 hours)

We have the power within ourselves to unlock our full potential and put our best "self" forward changing our thinking and beliefs. This interactive session will challenge how you think about yourself and demonstrate how your thoughts effect your feelings; and how your feelings effect your actions, which ultimately determines your success in life. Learn how to remove the limitations you may have placed in your way, raise your self-esteem and self-concept, and take charge of your life!


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